A 'naked neuroscientist down-under'

05 February 2014

The first of two podcasts about research into Huntington’s disease being carried out at the Centre for Brain Research (CBR), have been published onto the website of English based group ‘The Naked Scientists’.

This group of physicians and scientists is based at Cambridge University. They promote science to the general public via public lectures, award winning BBC radio broadcasts and web based podcasts. Their podcast programme has an international following and is supported by the British Neuroscience Association

While Dr Hannah Critchlow, Neuroscience Editor with The Naked Scientists was in Auckland in December 2013 she met with several top CBR researchers including: Professor Richard Faull (CBR Director), Professor Russell Snell, Associate Professor Mike Dragunow, Associate Professor Lynette Tippett, Dr Maurice Curtis, Dr Ailsa McGregor, senior PhD candidate Malvindar Singh-Bains and Mr Richard Price.

Published on 20 January 2014, the first podcast (Part one) introduces Mr Richard Price, whose wife is affected by Huntington’s disease and the international collaborative research which lead to the discovery of the huntingtin’s gene and the initiation of the Huntington’s sheep model.  

The second programme (Part two), featuring the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand Human Brian Bank and in vitro elements of the research is due to be published on 20 February 2014.  

These podcasts can be accessed on the Centre for Brain Research website