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Our Changing World - Lazy eye

Source Radio New Zealand
17 June 2013

Dr Ben Thompson, Senior Lecturer tometry & Vision Science and Centre for Brain Reearch

Computer games could treat brain disorders

Source Aljazeera
9 June 2013

Dr Ben Thompson, Senior Lecturer Optometry & Vision Science and Centre for Brain Reearch

Tetris video game may cure lazy eye- researcher

Source TVNZ
26 April 2013 

Dr Ben Thompson, Senior Lecturer Optometry & Vision Science and Centre for Brain Reearch

Big Data: The sentient planet: technology as a super sense

Source Radio New Zealand
24 March 20133

Dr Mark Sagar

Cooling and Preterm Babies

Source Radio New Zealand
14 March 2013

Professor Alistair Gunn, Head of Department, Department of Physiology and Centre for Brain Research

That's Science

Source Radio 95bfm
12 March 2013

Professor Richard Faull, Director Centre for Brain Research

Marijuana Linked to Increased Stroke Risk

Time magazine
8 February 2013

Two new studies add to the confusion over the health effects of marijuana. In one presentation to the American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference, researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand found an increased risk of stroke among those smoking marijuana compared to those who did not, while research published in the American Heart Journal said marijuana users who had heart attacks were no more likely to die than those hadn't smoked cannabis.

Smoking marijuana linked with higher risk of stroke in young adults, study finds

Fox News
6 February 2013

Many who support the legalisation of marijuana often tout the drug's benign side effects, asserting that long-term marijuana use has no lasting impact on an individual's health. According to a new study from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, marijuana may double the risk of ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA) in young adults - even those who had no risk factors that often contribute to an attack. The study's lead author, Dr P. Alan Barber, a professor of clinical neurology at the University of Auckland, said he was interested in studying the link between stroke and marijuana after a curious incident of stroke occurred in one of his younger patients.

There may be a link between cannabis and stroke
Source Radio New Zealand National
5 February 2013
Dr Alan Barber Neurological Foundation Professor of Neurology

Young students test the public’s brains

Māori and Pacific school students from across Auckland have taken on roles as scientists thanks to the Centre for Brain Research and the Liggins Institute.10 May 2013

New Zealand’s top Huntington’s disease researchers to speak at national conference

The speaker line-up includes New Zealand’s top neuroscientist Distinguished Professor Richard Faull, an internationally recognised expert on neurodegenerative diseases of the human brain.
7 May 2013

World first treatment helps with lazy eye

Playing Tetris under controlled conditions may be a cure for lazy eye in both children and adults. Experiments showed that presenting a higher intensity Tetris stimulation to the affected eye than the good eye, helps train both eyes to work together. 26 April 2013.

New understandings of hearing loss

  A major breakthrough in the understanding of hearing and noise-induced hearing loss has been made by hearing scientists from the Centre for Brain Research, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, and the University of California in San Diego. 16 April 2013.

Smoking cannabis linked to higher stroke risk in young adults

Cannabis use may double the stroke risk in young adults, with ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA) patients 2.3 times more likely to have cannabis detected in urine tests as other age and sex matched patients.
7 Feb 2013

Brain Day Auckland 2013 timetable announced

The theme for Brain Day 2013 is 'your creative brain'. Join us to experience lectures, presentations and creative works to enrich your world.
5 Feb 2013

PhD student awarded prestigious opportunity to study in USA

Neuroscientist Chantelle Fourie has a rare opportunity to spend three months near Boston, Massachusetts, researching her dream project. Chantelle, a PhD student at the University of Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research, is one of only 12 young neuroscientists from around the world to be awarded a coveted Grass Fellowship in neuroscience research.
4 Feb 2013

New understanding of brain injury in preterm infants

A new international study has resulted in findings with the potential to prevent or reverse serious disabilities in children born prematurely. Conducted by Dr Justin Dean, it overturns the long-held belief that low blood flow to the developing brain causes death of neurons.
18 January 2013

Symptoms in genetic brain disease are reflected in brain cell loss

An authoritative review by a group of leading experts from the Centre for Brain Research has summarised the progress so far in relating brain cell loss to symptoms in Huntington’s disease, suggesting a possible direction for developing targeted therapies.
8 January 2013