The Numbersense Seminar Event as iCalendar

17 May 2017

12 - 1pm

Venue: Faculty of Science Building 303 room G-14

Location: 23 Symonds St, Auckland

Host: Professor David Burr

Contact info: Reece Roberts

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About the speaker

David Burr graduated in psychology from the University of Western Australia, and received a PhD in psychology and physiology from Cambridge. He is currently Professor of physiological psychology at the Department of Neuroscience, Florence University.

Professor Burr is a visual scientist who uses psychophysical, physiological and neuro-computational techniques to study studies human perception. He has made contributions to the study of motion perception, perceptual stability, and multi-sensory perception. 


Humans and many other animals can estimate rapidly and reasonably accurately the number of items in the scene. Neurophysiological studies on human and non-human primates point to the existence of a dedicated numbersense, served by specialized neural mechanisms in parietal and prefrontal cortex.

Over a wide range of conditions, humans discriminate number spontaneously and directly, unconfounded by related attributes such as texture-density. Like other sensory attributes, the numbersense is selectively adaptable, suggesting that the sense of number is a perceptual quale, which encodes the numerosity of items in for space and time, in all sensory modalities.