Raising the Bar: Carlene Newall de Jesus Event as iCalendar

29 August 2017

8 - 9pm

Venue: Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen

Location: 7 Sale St, Freemans Bay, Auckland

Host: Carlene Newall de Jesus

Cost: Free

Contact info: Frankie Favero

Contact email: f.favero@auckland.ac.nz

Website: Reserve your spot here


Can't dance, won't dance? Move your thinking

No matter your age, gender or race, dance can bring an amazing array of physical, cognitive and psychological benefits, such as slowing the progress of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. However, like a proper dancefloor at any party, the good stuff only happens when people are up and moving!

This presentation provides an insight into the ways dance can contribute to health and examines the challenges of getting ‘non-dancers’ to bust a move.