Centre for Brain Research

Appointment of the Freemasons Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery

The inaugural Freemasons Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery at the University of Auckland will harness the pivotal links between world leading research excellence, top neurologists and specialised neurosurgical expertise to develop exciting new treatments for those affected by brain disorders and trauma.

Centre for Brain Research

Research is critical for patient health and improving outcomes and the aim of the Centre for Brain Research is to develop new treatments to benefit patients and families with brain disorders in the wider community. “By unlocking the secrets of the brain our discoveries have the potential to change the lives of people living with neurological disease.” Professor Richard Faull.

The Neurosurgical Unit, Auckland District Health Board 

This neurosurgical unit is one of the largest single units in Australasia, with six leading neurosurgeons providing life-saving brain surgeries (over 1500 operations each year) for over 1.5 million people in the top half of the North Island. “I have seen neurosurgery evolve from a reliance on the diagnostic ability of the reflex hammer to the input of sophisticated 3D-guided programmes for planning surgical procedures – progress is phenomenal.” Mr Edward Mee, Head of neurosurgery, ADHB

The Freemasons Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery at the University of Auckland

With its expanding population and the subsequent increase of disorders such as stroke and traumatic brain injury, it is absolutely vital that future neurosurgical developments are research-based to advance the options for those living with brain disorders.

On 17 September 2013 Professor Richard Faull announced the campaign launch with a generous gift of $2 million from the Freemasons of New Zealand to establish this role. The position would be named “The Freemasons Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery at the University of Auckland” in recognition of their founding contribution.

A further generous gift of $1 million from the Douglas Charitable Trust (Sir Graham Douglas) has secured the appointment of a Senior Neurosurgical Research Fellow and $500,000 from the David Levene Foundation (Sir David Levene) has resulted in substantial progress towards the goal of creating $8million endowment.  

The Auckland District Health Board has generously recognised the need for more brain surgery at Auckland and has created and funded a new half-time appointment. The first five years of the other half salary has been funded by The University of Auckland and the Aotearoa Foundation from Sir Julian Robertson in New York.

“We’re thrilled to announce these remarkable gifts. We now need to raise the remaining funds to reach our goal of funding this appointment in perpetuity.” says Professor Faull.

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Emma Dent
Development Manager, Freemasons Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery
University of Auckland
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