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Do You Mind?

An artist's response to matters of the mind

Do You Mind? is an innovative science-art collaboration bringing together emerging Auckland artists and neuroscientists.

Do You Mind?

July 29th - August 7th 2010

150 Karangahape Road, Auckland

Taking inspiration from the cutting edge-science underway in the Centre for Brain Research, the participating artists have created exciting new art and sound installations. The resulting artworks are being displayed in an exhibition called ‘Do You Mind?’ at the award winning Ironbank complex on K’ road in Auckland. A limited edition publication will also be released.

Fifteen up and coming artists are taking part in the project, with practices ranging from organic sculpture to contemporary watercolours, sound production to oil paintings. Under the curatorship of Auckland arts management company The Busy Nice, the artists will be paired up with early-career brain researchers. Among the artists taking part in this project is installation artist Alexander Hoyles, whose works centre round reinterpretation of scientific and theological theories; photo-based artist Rita Godlevskis who brings her research-based perspective; along with Metro magazine illustrator Henrietta Harris.

The fifteen partner scientists are members of the Centre for Brain Research at The University of Auckland, and range from postgraduate students to early-career neuroscientists. By translating science into unusual mediums our aim is to communicate neuroscience to new audiences.

The Royal Society of New Zealand is kindly supporting this exciting project, along with venue support from Samson Corporation.

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Lucy Goodman

Kim Wise

Amy Smith

Joanne Lin

Amelia Van Slooten

Pritika Narayan

Jane Evans

Renee Gordon

Sarina Iwabuchi

Valerie van Mulukom

Carolyn Wu

Henry Waldvogel

Reece Roberts

Juliette Cheyne

Veema Lodhia


Sophie Bannan

Aleksandra Petrovic

Dane Taylor

Aaron King-Cole

Amy Unkovich

Mei Cooper

David McClunie

Tom Henry

Estella Castle

Melanie Bell

Rita Godlevskis

Henrietta Harris

Lia Kent MacKillop

Tim Chapman

Alexander Hoyles