CBR Seminar Series Event as iCalendar

18 August 2016

10 - 11:30am

Venue: Clinical Education Centre

Location: Auckland City Hospital

Host: Centre for Brain Research

Contact info: Frankie Favero

Contact email: f.favero@auckland.ac.nz

Website: cbr.auckland.ac.nz


Professor Mary Pat McAndrews
“Novel predictors of cognitive outcome in surgery for temporal-lobe epilepsy”

Mary Pat McAndrews is a Senior Scientist at the Krembil Research Institute (University Health Network, Toronto) and a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto.

Using neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG), her research seeks to understand the brain networks contributing to different types of memory processes and how these can be disturbed and/or reorganized by focal brain damage in temporal lobe epilepsy, mild cognitive impairment, and following surgical interventions, deep brain stimulation or gamma radiation to areas of the brain.

Dr Elizabeth Walker
“A brief history of advances in the assessment of patients with medically refractory seizures”

Elizabeth has been in practice in neurology since late 1989. She has specialised training in clinical neurophysiology and has been director of the Clinical Neurophysiology Department of Auckland Hospital since her return from overseas training in 1989.

She has a special interest in epilepsy and has been a member of the National Epilepsy Programme at Auckland City Hospital since 1989, as well providing support and medical advice to local epilepsy associations.

Dr Nicholas Child
“New frontiers in the investigation and treatment of refractory temporal lobe epilepsy”

Nicholas Child is a neurologist who completed his training at Auckland City Hospital followed by three years at the Mayo Clinic with fellowships in epilepsy and deep brain stimulation.
Dr Child returned last year to Auckland to start as a neurology consultant.


The Centre for Brain Research acknowledges the contribution of the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand.