CBR Seminar: Vision and Attention -A tale of two dichotomies Event as iCalendar

26 June 2014

12 - 1pm

Location: CBR seminar room, 501-505, level 5, FMHS, 85 Park Rd, Grafton campus 


Speaker: Associate Professor Tony Lambert, Research Centre of Cognitive Neuroscience and Centre for Brain Research 

Just how the dorsal and ventral streams interact to generate visual experience has yet to be unravelled. In a related field, psychological studies have shown that shifts of visual attention can be accomplished via a rapid, automatic process termed exogenous orienting, or via a slower, consciously controlled process, termed endogenous orienting. 

In this talk I will explore the hypothesis that there may be a simple relationship between the dual-stream model of vision, and the two-process theory of attention shifting.

A new model of  the relationship between vision and attention, together with behavioural, electrophysiological and neuropsychological evidence will be presented.