Brain Day 2018 The Amazing Brain: Communication, Care and Community Event as iCalendar

21 July 2018

9am - 3:30pm

Venue: Auckland University Business School

Location: Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Rd (off Symonds St)

Host: CBR

Contact email:


brainday2018 Angela

Join us for Brain Day 2018. Find out more about the latest advances in brain science and peer into the future world of the brain and machine. Visit interactive science displays and tour the Community Group Expo. Brain games and activities for people of all ages - including science experiments from the Being Brainy programme. 

Science panels: 

Living well with dementia: research, community and care
Chair: Associate Professor Lynette Tippett
Join us for this exciting panel discussion where we will discuss dementia from several different perspectives , including a researcher, clinician, family member/author and an organisation trying to make a difference. This exciting panel will discuss how you can live well with dementia, how the community can help achieve this, the current research and how this will affect the future of dementia as a whole.

Traumatic Brain Injury: research pathways to the future   
Chair: Dr Rosamund Hill
Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, can affected people from any age and any lifestyle. In this panel discussion, some of the leading researchers and clinicians will discuss the promising paths that research is leading to and how this could affect diagnosis, treatments and recovery.

Brain and Machine: what does the future hold?
Chair: Associate Professor Karen Waldie
In the movies, humans’ (brains) and machines are normally on opposite sides of the fight, but in the research world it’s a different story. What if machines provided a way of helping dementia patients remember to take their medications, or help someone with a movement disorder? We bring together the researchers and clinicians that are trying to make these extraordinary things happen. Join us to hear about their research and what the future could hold.


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