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Lecture presentations

All Brain Day 2010 lecture material is compiled by the lecturers, and remains their copyright unless otherwise stated. These handouts are for personal use. Please contact us if you wish to use these lectures elsewhere to ensure permission and due credit is given. Contact us here.

Lecture    Handouts  
0930 Dr Ben Thompson,
Department of Optometry and Vision Science

The changeable brain: lessons from the visual system(688.7KB PDF)

1000 Dr Karen Waldie,
Department of Psychology

The neurological basis of dyslexia, autism and ADHD: myths and facts(1.3MB PDF)

1030 Professor Richard Faull, Director of the Centre for Brain Research

The excitement and challenges of brain research(3.5MB PDF)

1130 Professor Rob Kydd, Department of Psychological Medicine

Depression: causes and consequences, types and treatment(227.4KB PDF)

1200 Clinical Associate Professor Barry Snow,
Auckland District Health Board 

Update on Parkinson's disease and research (594.7KB PDF)

1230 The treatment and prevention of foetal brain injury and cerebral palsy
Professor Laura Bennet Department of Physiology
  • Not currently available
1300 Predicting addiction
Dr Bruce Russell School of Pharmacy
  • Not currently available
1330 Associate Professor Bronwen Connor,
Department of Pharmacology with Clinical Pharmacology

Stem cells: the myth versus the reality (845.5KB PDF)

1400 Treatment and prevention of deafness
Professor Peter Thorne
  • Not currently available
1430 Dr Phil Wood,
The Memory Clinic

Memory loss treatment and research (2.6MB PDF)

1500 Dr Richard Roxburgh, Auckland District Health Board

Hungry brains- trialling creatine in Huntington's disease (1.9MB PDF)