Centre for Brain Research

Brain Day 2013


The theme for Auckland Brain Day 2013 was 'your creative brain'. Leading scientists and clinicians from the Centre for Brain Research explored how our brains create and perceive the environment around us. Workshops with community experts provided an opportunity to experience what your creative brain is capable of. Meanwhile interactive art, music and neuroscience demonstrations entertained the whole family.
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Presentations from Saturday 16th March

Video recordings of Brain Day 2013 lectures are now available to watch online!

Brain Day 2013 Lectures
Lecture 1 - Professor Richard Faull  "Your Creative Brain"
Lecture 2 - Dr Ed Mee  "The Cutting Edge of Neuroscience"
Lecture 3 - Professor Michael Corballis  "The Wandering Mind"
Lecture 4 - Dr Clare McCann  "Communication Disorders and Music Therapy"
Lecture 5 - Associate Professor Donna-Rose Addis  "Imagination and Creativity"
Lecture 6 - Dr Barry Snow  "Silver Linings"
Lecture 7 - Dr Antonio Fernando  "The Science of Happiness"
 Brain Day 2013 Discussions
Discussion 1 - Dr Peter O'Connor  "Why do children play? Should Adults play more?"
Discussion 2 - Dr Mark Sagar  "Faces and Brains"
Discussion 3 (including choir performance) - CBR Choir and Alison Talmage
Discussion 4 - Suzanne Vesty  "Art and Mind"