Centre for Brain Research

Brain Day 2016 timetable Saturday 12 March


Your Amazing Brain: an interactive expo

Come and join our full-to-bursting programme of brain research and brain health workshops, discussion groups and talks, engagement with community groups, interactive research labs, brain activities for all ages – including science experiments for children.

Please note that we are still in the process of confirming speakers and facilitators. Do keep abreast of this timetable as more activities will be added soon. 





Lecture Theatre 1

Healthy brains at every age

Capacity: 120 people

Lecture Theatre 2

Living well with neurological conditions Capacity: 240 people

Kids Brain Zone

Interactive brain expo for children

For your Brain Series

Interactive brain activities for adults Capacity: 60 people

Building: 731 Room: 201

Building: 722 Room 201

Building: 730 Room: 220

Building: 731 Room: 203

Accessibility: Wheelchair access from courtyard. Spaces for wheelchairs adjacent to top row of seats

Accessibility: Wheelchair access at bottom of lecture theatre, accessed from courtyard near Building 732

Accessibility: Wheelchair access through main elevator outside building 730 (ground floor)

Accessibility: Flat room, wheelchair friendly.

Sessions Chairs: Associate Professor Paul Corballis & Dr Jessie Jacobsen



Singing with Suzy Cato



Talk and Discussion

Associate Professor Bronwen Connor, Centre for Brain Research

“Being Brainy: An Education Programme for Primary/Intermediate School Children”


Talk and Discussion

Session Chair: Frankie Favero, Centre for Brain Research

Dr Jennifer Pereira, Neurologist Auckland City Hospital

“Multiple Sclerosis: Effective Treatments”


Interactive science experiments, activities, displays and microscope viewing for school aged children


Talk for your brain: Gavel Club

With Philippa Friary


Talk and Discussion

Dr David Moreau, Centre for Brain Research

“Brains and Brawn: Training Cognitive Abilities with Complex Movements”


The University of Auckland Clinics: Guided tours

Self-referred clinical therapies for people of all ages

Capacity: 15 people per tour

Building:730 Room: Ground Level


Dance for your brain: Ronnie Gardner Method

With Kristina Zawaly


Talk and Discussion

Dr Angus McMorland, Exercise Science, University of Auckland

“Brain Control of Movement: Bodies, Robots and Back Again”

11am-12pm Performance

Intro by Professor Richard Faull, Director of Centre for Brain Research

Alison Talmage & Shari Storie, Centre for Brain Research & Maria Winder,

Ellerslie School

“Singing for your brain with Ellerslie School & the Centre for Brain Research CeleBRation Choir”


1st Guided tour


2nd Guided tour

Clinicians and scientists from Optometry, Speech- language Therapy, Hearing and Tinnitus and Health and Performance deliver two guided tours, specially designed for participants of Brain  Day  2016.


Talk for your brain: Gavel Club

With Philippa Friary



Introducing Community Groups

Session Chair: Professor Suzanne Purdy


Session Chair: Selena Donaldson, Speech Science, School of Psychology

Introducing the Brain Injury Association & Brain Injury Whānau Action Group

With Stephen Jenkins and Elisa Lavelle Wijohn




The Science Experience Lab

Room 226

An interactive area for all ages, where you can get involved in neuroscience experiments and learn how our brains work.


Move for your brain: Poi

With Kate Riegle-Van West


Talk and Discussion

Dr Sarah Berry, School of Population Health, University of Auckland

“Our Children’s Brain Development: The Growing up in New Zealand Study”


Talk and Discussion

Dr Rosamund Hill, Auckland District Health Board

“Living well with Brain Injury: What Does the Research Tell Us?”



Dance for your brain: Ronnie Gardner Method

With Kristina Zawaly


Talk and Discussion

Associate Professor Clare Wall, Nutrition, Medical Sciences, University of Auckland

Brain Food for Thought: How the Food You Eat Impacts Your Brain”

2.45-3pm Close of Day

Children’s Drawing and Passport Prize Announcement


Talk and Discussion

Session Chair: Dr Clare McCann, Centre for Brain Research

Dr Clare McCann & Karen Smith, Brain Research New Zealand & Panel including Shandy McGee

“I Thought Strokes Happened to Older People? Stroke in Young Adults”


Neuroscience Book Display at the Library

Room 285

Need a quiet break from the bustling crowd? Relax and browse through our interesting array of brainy books.


Move for your brain: Poi

With Kate Riegle-Van West