Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Pilot Study Grants

CAMRI offers funding to support University of Auckland staff members with research pilot studies requiring MR imaging. These are available for both the CAMRI facility and the High Field MRI.

Applicable studies include pilot studies with a clear intention to perform a larger study. The larger study will incur appropriate user charges and cost recovery.

Grants are available of up to four hours of scan time per individual project.

For more information contact the charge research radiographer on ext 89512 or email mri@auckland.ac.nz.

For high field MRI pilot studies contact our physicist on ext 88304 or email b.pontre@auckland.ac.nz

An up to date CAMRI Pilot Study Grant Application form will be uploaded here soon.


  1. The grants are available to all academic staff members at the University of Auckland (not restricted to any one faculty).
  2. The Grant funding is administered by the MRI Advisory Board.
  3. The amount of funding granted to each pilot study will be considered according to the academic merits of the research proposals, the amount of time required on the MRI scanner and funds available.
  4. Each grant shall be tenable for one academic year towards pilot study.
  5. CAMRI Pilot Grants are aimed at facilitating preliminary data to support an application towards a larger grant. Pilot studies are not self-contained projects in their own right.
  6. CAMRI
    The value shall equate to four hours of time in the MRI Unit. These grants may only be redeemed for scan time on the MRI machine. No support for staff consumables or equipment is available.
    Preclinical/High Field MRI
    The value shall equates to four hours of scan time (scan time is based on time in the facility rather than scan time alone) and up to four hours of radiographer and/or physicists' support (e.g sequence and protocol development).

Ethics approval will be required for each study and assistance with ethics applications is available from the Centre for Advanced MRI.