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About High Field MRI

Owned by the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery (MWCMB) and managed by CAMRI, the 4.7T MRI facility is the first of its kind in New Zealand. The primary benefit is the non-invasive high resolution imaging of experimental preparations and models of disease and treatment. Using this facility, the subject can be scanned multiple times, greatly reducing the number of experiments required in many research projects.

The centre also offers local availability for researchers investigating disease and treatment effects for looking at structure and function.     


Based at the University of Auckland's, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences Grafton campus, the 4.7T MRI facility is aimed at use in other disciplines outside the clinical setting such as biomedical sciences, pharmaceuticals, materials science and agriculture.

The HFMRI facility is comprised of a 4.7T horizontal bore, magnetic resonance imaging unit. This is approximately three times stronger than standard clinical systems. The use of higher magnetic fields allows imaging of much smaller samples with improved signal and higher resolution by comparison with clinical systems.

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Pilot Study Grants

Applicable studies include pilot studies with a clear intention to perform a larger study. Pilot study grants are available to researchers at the University of Auckland who wish to validate a proposal for a larger study.