Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Auckland MRI Research Group - Cardiac Image Modeller (CIM)


The Cardiac MRI Analysis Software, CIM, has been developed at the University of Auckland, New Zealand over the last eight years by Drs Alistair Young and Brett Cowan of the Auckland MRI Research Group. It allows the rapid visualisation and functional analysis, in 3D space and through time, of the hundreds of cardiac MR images typically acquired per case. Parts of this software have been licensed to Siemens Medical Systems and it has been installed in several major research institutions.

CIM features

The GuidePoint workflow incorporated into CIM has a number of significant advantages over other image processing based approaches to cardiac MR analysis including:

  • Speed - studies can be analyzed much more efficiently and quickly
  • User centred - the computer continuously responds to user requests
  • No contour editing - no need to edit computer generated contours
  • Robust with poor images - CIM is relatively independent of image quality
  • Realtime - all changes and updates occur immediately
  • 4D all analysis and display occurs in four-dimensions

The guidepoint window is used to produce a 3D mathematical model of the left ventricle from the images. Once the heart is described entirely using mathematics, CIM can then calculate a large range of parameters including the ejection fraction (EF), volumes (EDV and ESV) and quantify regional wall motion.