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Youth’07 – survey conducted in 2007

In total, 12,355 students were selected and invited to participate in the survey. Of these, 9,107 students took part. This represents 74% of those selected and 3.4% of the total 2007 New Zealand secondary school roll.


Youth’07 was the second Youth2000 national survey of the health and wellbeing of secondary school students in New Zealand. The aim was to update and extend the original survey conducted in 2001 by tracking trends and investigating new issues for young people. Many of the questions relating to mental and physical wellbeing, connectedness to school and family, and risk-taking behaviours remained the same. However, new questions on issues, such as rapidly changing technology with the use of the internet, mobile phones and text bullying, were also included. With increasing concern about the apparent rise in the number of students who are overweight or obese, student measurements were also taken to provide some much needed New Zealand data on this issue. This survey also included a school climate study.

Youth ’07 Funders: The Health Research Council of New Zealand, the Department of Labour, Families Commission, Accident Corporation of New Zealand, Sport and Recreation New Zealand, The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand, Ministries of Youth Development, Justice and Health. Support for the electronic communication of the Youth'07 project was provided by Vodafone New Zealand.

Dr Simon Denny was the Principal Investigator for the 2007 survey wave. Please contact him if you have any questions regarding the 2007 survey.



Sampling strategy: In 2006, New Zealand had a total of 475 composite or secondary schools. Wharekura schools were surveyed separately as another part of the project and were not included in the population of eligible schools for the main survey. Schools with 50 or fewer students were also not included. Of the remaining 389 eligible schools, 115 were randomly selected and invited to participate. Of these, 96 schools (84%) took part in the survey. Thirteen schools declined to participate and a further 6 schools initially agreed to participate but withdrew during 2007. Of the 19 non-participating schools, 14/19 (74%) were in the large centres of Auckland, Wellington or Hamilton; 11/19 (58%) were state schools, 13/19 (68%) were co-educational, and 17/19 (90%) were large schools.

For participating schools with more than 166 students, 18% of eligible Year 9 to 13 students were randomly selected from the school roll and invited to participate. In the 10 schools with fewer than 166 students on the school roll, 30 students were randomly selected and invited to participate. This was done to reduce the risk of identification of individual students when reporting results back to these smaller schools. In the national reports, results are adjusted for the likelihood of selection, with data from these smaller schools given less weight to allow for the higher proportion of students selected from them.


Youth’07 publications

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