Key health indicators


How to read the key health indicators wheel

This graphic shows percentage change in key health indicators from 2001-2012 using Youth2000 series data

  • The inner wheel is the 2001 level for each issue.
  • Each spoke that extends out beyond that circle is represents a percentage increase in that issue.  Each one that goes inward from that circle is a percentage decrease in that issue - So if you look at parents worry about food for example that extends out from the circle- it has increased since 2001 and part time job goes inwards as this has decreased since 2001.
  • The changes that are negative are red, while the changes that are positive are green  - so for example we have a decrease in cigarette smoking and increase in adults at school caring, - both positive so both green.
  • The size of the bar shows the % change, so a 50% drop will go 50% in, while a 5% drop will go just 5% in.
  • Where there is no change or minimal change there is no coloured bar.