Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Quiet study space

In addition to the Philson Library and Information Commons, students may use designated teaching rooms for quiet study, on a drop-in basis. This page will be updated weekly.

Teaching rooms available for quiet study

 Day Available from 8am to 1pm Available from 1pm to 5pm
Monday 13 Nov
502-001, 502-003, 502-B55, 503-020
502-001, 502-B51, 502-B55, 503-028
Tuesday 14 Nov 502-B55 502-B55
Wednesday 15 Nov
502-B51, 503-126 502-B51
Thursday 16 Nov
Friday 17 Nov
502-001, 502-B55, 503-028, 503-126 502-001, 503-126, 502-B55
Saturday/Sunday Teaching rooms are not available over weekends
  • If there are no rooms listed above then there are no available rooms for that day.
  • The Library computer training room (503-120): Students may use this room for quiet study when not booked for training.

After hours study spaces

After 5pm students should be using the Philson Library and Information Commons only, for study. For more information on times please refer to the library website.