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Summer Research Scholarships - Information for students

The purpose of the University of Auckland - Summer Research Scholarship scheme is to give senior undergraduate students an inspiring first experience of research. The scholarship gives students the opportunity to work within a research environment, mixing with researchers and postgraduate students who are working at the forefront of their fields.

Scholarship research projects are completed in a 10 week period over the University summer (December – February), under the supervision of biomedical, clinical and public health researchers from the faculty. The scholarships provides a generous tax-free stipend of $6,000 to undertake the 10 week project.

The University of Auckland summer research projects www.summer.ac.nz are now closed

There are also further projects available below through external funders - see the links below * Externally sponsored summer research projects and Other summer opportunities in Auckland


1.  You'll gain and practice research skills under individual supervision and mentorship. Experiences gained in previous scholarships have included:

  • Exposure to authentic case studies
  • Participation in project meetings
  • Practice in data collection, analysis, literature reviews, reviewing techniques and mind mapping 
  • Learning to use specialised software
  • Acquiring specialist laboratory and presentation skills

2.  The research experience adds significant value to your CV and will improve your career opportunities – in some cases even leading to a career in research.

3.  Previous summer students have found that the research experience improved their confidence about undertaking postgraduate studies and in many cases directed them to a potential supervisor. 

4.  Some summer students have become co-authors of presentations at international conferences and articles for publication in academic journals.

5.  You'll gain great networking opportunities with students from other courses and enjoy extensive interactions with research staff and the international community of scholars.

6.  You'll receive a tax-free $6,000 scholarship stipend paid directly into your nominated bank account.



Student eligibility

When selecting a suitable student for a research project please be aware you must meet the University's eligibility criteria to be considered for a scholarship. Students must:

  • Be an undergraduate student who has completed at least two years of an undergraduate degree by the time of take-up of the award in December 2018. 
  • Medical students from all universities are only eligible for consideration for this Scholarship during years 2 and 3 of their degree enrolment as they will have lectures early in the new year and also placement requirements as part of their 4th year. No exceptions.
  • Be a postgraduate student who is currently undertaking a postgraduate bachelor (honours) or postgraduate diploma programme.
  • Currently enrolled at a New Zealand university or are an international applicant who has enrolled in study in 2018.
  • Have a Scholarship GPA of 6.00 or above over the two most recent years of full-time graded study (or equivalent). A calculator offered by the Scholarships Office, is available to staff and students to assist with checking GPA eligibility.
  • Māori or Pacific students are required to have a GPA of 5.5 or above over the two most recent years of full-time study (or equivalent).
  • Have identified a clearly defined project and suitable supervisor willing to supervise the project.
  • Have not previously held a Summer Research Scholarship (except in some circumstances). For FMHS - Students who have previously been awarded a UoA Summer Research Scholarship will not be eligible to hold a second Summer Research Scholarship unless the second scholarship is funded by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences or offered by an external funder.
  • Are not seeking employment as a tutor during Summer School or will not be in paid employment either inside or outside the University during the tenure of the Summer Research Scholarship.
  • Have not commenced a masters or doctoral programme or some taught postgraduate programme (check the regulations).
  • Are not completing a dissertation or thesis on an extension.

The full regulations for the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences are available online.

HOW TO APPLY16 June until 3 August 2018

1.    Projects available within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and also at the Liggins Institute will be advertised on the Summer Research Scholarship website. Take a look and shortlist those that interest you.

Read the Summer Research Scholarships Regulations and check that you meet the eligibility conditions for FMHS.

2.    Contact the supervisor by phone or email to discuss the research project. Note that each supervisor will have different methods of shortlisting a student - there is no fixed process. Students are advised to have on hand an up-to-date CV and academic record as some supervisors will wish to see one. For University of Auckland students please print out a copy out from Student Services Online or request one from the Student Centre. 

3.    Once approved by a supervisor; complete an online scholarship application. Applying for a Summer Research Scholarship is a two-stage process, please refer to the Summer Research Scholarship website for full instructions. Do not forget to submit !! the application



Externally Sponsored Summer Research Projects


Please visit this webpage to find out which projects have already secured funding for 2018/19. We will endeavour to list these opportunities as they are announced.  

Summer Research Scholarships hosted at the University of Auckland are sponsored by a wide range of funders. Our sponsors range from private benefactors to charities to businesses and these sponsors will often choose to sponsor projects which have special meaning to them. Previous sponsors include:

  • A+ Trust
  • Auckland District Health Board
  • Counties Manukau District Health Board
  • Waikato District Health Board
  • Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust
  • New Zealand Pharmacy Education and Research Foundation
  • Cure Kids
  • Choose Wisely
  • Heart Foundation
  • AOS
  • Hope Foundation

Students should be aware that the eligibility criteria and application process may vary between projects, please contact the primary supervisor to discuss further. Find out which research projects were funded by external sponsors in 2017.



Other summer research projects available

In addition to the University programme, many external funding agencies including the Health Research Council, Leukemia and Blood Cancer Foundation and Neurological Foundation offer summer research scholarships and internships. We have collated information on the available schemes and encourage students to apply for these too if they are eligible. Please be aware that a student may only hold one summer research scholarship at any time, should you receive multiple offers you will need to select which scholarship to accept.


"Other Opportunities" available in and around Auckland this summer.



Details for successful students

Congratulations on being awarded a summer research scholarship! Please read through the instructions below to arrange payment of your scholarship stipend and the requirements for final reporting. Start dates and hours of work will be arranged directly with your supervisor and access to offices/labs through your host Department/School.

Workshops Available

Summer Students: Literature Searching for Systematic Reviews

If your summer studentship involves doing a systematic review of the literature, your search will need to be deep and wide.
This practical workshop provides guidance on constructing an in-depth search strategy, as required for a systematic review.

  • Wednesday 28 November 2018 9.30am - 11.30 Philson Library Training Room (Room 503-120), Grafton Campus.

To book, click here.


Medical & Health Summer Students: Literature searching

This workshop covers planning your search, selection of databases, and search techniques to find academic articles on a variety of databases.

The session also includes a brief overview of reference management tools.

  • Friday 23 November 9.30-11.30 Philson Library Training Room (Room 503-120), Grafton  OR
  • Tuesday 27 November 9.30-11.30 Philson Library Training Room (Room 503-120), Grafton OR
  • Tuesday 04 December 2pm - 4pm Philson Library Training Room  (Room 503-120), Grafton

To book, click here.  

Scholarship stipend payments

UoA summer scholarship stipends - There will be five fortnightly payments of $1,000.00 each, paid retrospectively.  The first two payments will be made on Thursday 13 December 2019  and will cover from 3 December to 28 December.

Payment dates will be 13 December, 10 January, 24 January and 7 February.  A final payment of $1,000.00 will be made on acceptance of your final report which is due Thursday 28 February 2019.

some FMHS and Externally funded scholarship stipends - your scholarship will be paid in two installments - one large payment in December (week ending 07/12/18), and then a final payment of $1,000.00 will be made to you on acceptance of you final report (week ending TBC March 2019).

If you are have been confirmed for a UoA or FMHS funded summer scholarship you would have advised your bank account details through the Scholarships portal. 

If you are being funded through one of our funders then you will need to send Faculty Research a screenshot of your bank account which clearly shows your name, bank account number and bank logo.

Please note our Finance Department cannot process payments that do not have evidence of your bank details. Please ensure the details clearly display your name, name of your bank, bank logo and your bank account number.


Summer Research Projects - Final reporting

Students are required to submit a final project report which signifies the completion of the scholarship. We will contact your supervisor directly for a supervisors report which they will forward separately to healthresearch@auckland.ac.nz.

Please use the template below to prepare the report, adhering to the word or page limits specified for each section. Please acknowledge the funder of your scholarship.  If your scholarship was supported by an external funder we will forward them a copy of your report.

Deadline for submission of the report is Thursday 28 February 2019

Please submit as one PDF document with the title 'LASTNAME, Firstname - SRS report 2018' to healthresearch@auckland.ac.nz.  

Submission of a satisfactory report by the deadline date is necessary to recieve the final portion of the scholarship stipend. Payments will usually be made in March following processing and review of the reports.


Summer Research Projects - Final report exemplars

Please see below some exemplars of previous summer research projects.  Please also look at the Scholarship Impact Reporting Framework which will assist you with your writing.


2015 Exemplar
(979.8 kB, PDF)
2016 Exemplar
(511.4 kB, PDF)
2016 Exemplar
(666.3 kB, PDF)
2016 Exemplar
(763.4 kB, PDF)
2016 Exemplar
(1.3 MB, PDF)
2017 Exemplar
(250.5 kB, PDF)
2017 Exemplar
(337.7 kB, PDF)


Wallath Prize  

As a key part of the scholarship, students are asked to complete a final report detailing and discussing the research they have conducted, its significance and the impact it has had on their development.

Sponsored by the Wallath Trust, the Wallath prize of $750 is awarded to the student with the top ranked research report in each project category -biomedical/clinical/public health. Congratulations to our 2017/18 winners!



UoA Summer Scholarship 55 Public Health Winner
Anna Worthington -SRS 2017 Wallath Prize - Public Health
UoA Summer Scholarship 51 Clinical Winner
Joyce Mathan - SRS 2017 Wallath Prize - Clinical
Jialin Sie-Jiw
Jialin Sie-Jiw - SRS 2017 Wallath Prize - Biomedical