Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Participants wanted: Genetic and metabolic health study

Image shows a spiral of DNA and reads "We want YOU to participate in our research study! University of Auckland faculty of Medical and Health Sciences"

The University of Auckland is NOW RECRUITING participants for a research study about Pākehā, Māori and Pacific health. We are looking for males aged between 20-40 years old living in Auckland. You will be reimbursed for your involvement!

This study is called “The metabolic effects of a CREBRF gene variant”. This is a gene which may influence how we store and use energy that we get from food. Testing will involve you coming in fasted (i.e. no food or drink from 10pm the night before) to the Grafton Campus of the University of Auckland for 4-5 hours. The following tests will be completed:

  1. Blood test for diabetes: a small plastic cannula will be put in your arm so we can take blood samples.
  2. DEXA scan for body composition: this tells us where and how much fat and muscle you have in your body.
  3. Resting metabolic rate: respiratory analysis which samples your breath and measures how much energy you need daily.
  4. Mixed meal test: you will be given a standard mean to eat and drink and we will take blood samples before and every 30 minutes for the following 2 hours.
  5. Answer questions and questionnaires about your physical activity history and diet.

To be eligible for this study you must be:

  1. Male
  2. 18-40 years of age
  3. No present long term health issues e.g. diabetes
  4. Be able to come into the University for 4 hours of testing

If you are keen to be involved please fill out this form or email Hannah Burden.