Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Previous professional staff award recipients



Special Achievement awards Ian Houston awards for Sustained Excellence in Job Performance
  • Frances Clements (Subject Librarian, Medical & Health Sciences)
  • Wellness Champions: Satya Amirapu (Medical Sciences), Elina Ashimbayeva (Medical Sciences), Clair Belcher (Administration), Prabha Hariswamy (Finance), Sabine Hillebrandt (Medicine), Sue Kistanna (TKHM), Joanne Ryves (Administration), Sharon Walker (Population Health) and Kimberley Weston (MPD)
  • Kanewa Stokes (Whakapiki Ake Project Manager, Office of the Tumuaki)
  • Satya Amirapu (Histology Technician, School of Medical Sciences)
  • Linley Nisbet (Senior Technical Officer, Auckland Bioengineering Institute)

  • Lorraine Nielsen (Subject Librarian, Medical and Health Sciences)
  • Michelle Chung (Student Centre and Engagement Team Leader)

  • Ian Sayer (Application Specialist, Information Services)
  • Maree Schollum (Team Leader, FMHS Support Services)

  • Raewyn Wooderson (Manager, Waikato Clinical Campus)
  • Wayne McEnteer (Academic Services Coordinator, Te Kupenga Hauora Māori
  • BIRU – Biomedical Imaging Research Unit:
    Jacqui Ross
    (Biomedical Imaging Microscopist)
    Hilary Holloway
    (Biomedical Imaging Microscopist)
    Ratish Kurian
    (Computer Systems Manager)
  • Jenny Tukia (Undergraduate Teaching Technician, School of Medical Sciences)
  • MPD – Medical Programme Directorate:
    Ian Wood (Systems Architect), Teresa Timo (Student Allocation Co-ordinator), Kimberley Buckley (Information Systems Co-ordinator), Vernon Mogol (Psychometrician), Nick Fitzherbert (Academic Systems Co-ordinator), Kathryn Siow (Phase 1 Development Manager), Barbara O’Connor (Educational Project Manager), Alison Mayson (Medical Programme Manager)

  • Sue Kistanna (General Manager, Te Kupenga Hauora Maori)
  • Karen Callon (Scientific Officer, Bone/Joint Research Group, Department of Medicine, FMHS)
  • Maria Vitas (Manager, South Auckland Clinical Campus, School of Medicine)
  • Karen Dorrian (International Development Manager), Johanna Beattie (Personal Assistant) and Yvonne Marren (International Student Assistant, FMHS Administration)

  • Chris Zhu (Programme Administrator, School of Population Health)
  • Nick Duggan (Manager, Medical Sciences Learning Centre - School of Medical Sciences) 
  • Val Grey (Graphic Designer - FMHS)
  • Kaylene Henderson (Anaesthetic Technician, Department of Anaesthesiology)
  • Stuart Glasson (School of Medical Sciences Manager)
  • Ricky Oliver (Administrator, Student Centre)

  • Lynley Pritchard (Academic Strategy and Planning Manager)
  • Kate Snow (Student Services Manager)
  • Shelly D’Silva (Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator, School of Medicine)
  • Jan Gardner (Programme Manager, School of Medicine)

  • Virginia Hand (Departmental Secretary, School of Medicine)
  • Karn Hinton (Senior Technician, School of Medical Sciences)
  • Jocelyn Bullock (Technical Officer, School of Medical Sciences)

  • Adina Gabriela Giurgiu (Senior Teaching Technician, Pharmacology)
  • Maylene Baker (Administrator, Te Kupenga Hauora Māori)
  • Anna Evans (Administrative Manager, School of Pharmacy)
  • Louise Moffatt, Helen Twohill and Nigel Brookes(NZ National Eye Bank Manager, Coordinator and Senior Technical Officer) 

  • Sally Parker (Research Manager) 

  • Kathryn Siow (Teaching Administrator, Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology)

  • Teresa Timo (Student Administrative Assistant, Medical Programme Directorate)

  • Philippa Ellwood (Research Manager, ISAAC Intl. Data Centre)

  • Elaine Marshall (Manager, ACSRC)

  • Christine Tait (Department of Anatomy with Radiology)

  • Stuart Glasson (Manager Biomedical Science)