Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Previous professional staff award recipients



Special Achievement awards Ian Houston awards for Sustained Excellence in Job Performance
  • Linley Nisbet (Senior Technical Officer, Auckland Bioengineering Institute)

  • Lorraine Nielsen (Subject Librarian, Medical and Health Sciences)
  • Michelle Chung (Student Centre and Engagement Team Leader)

  • Ian Sayer (Application Specialist, Information Services)
  • Maree Schollum (Team Leader, FMHS Support Services)

  • Raewyn Wooderson (Manager, Waikato Clinical Campus)
  • Wayne McEnteer (Academic Services Coordinator, Te Kupenga Hauora Māori
  • BIRU – Biomedical Imaging Research Unit:
    Jacqui Ross
    (Biomedical Imaging Microscopist)
    Hilary Holloway
    (Biomedical Imaging Microscopist)
    Ratish Kurian
    (Computer Systems Manager)
  • Jenny Tukia (Undergraduate Teaching Technician, School of Medical Sciences)
  • MPD – Medical Programme Directorate:
    Ian Wood (Systems Architect), Teresa Timo (Student Allocation Co-ordinator), Kimberley Buckley (Information Systems Co-ordinator), Vernon Mogol (Psychometrician), Nick Fitzherbert (Academic Systems Co-ordinator), Kathryn Siow (Phase 1 Development Manager), Barbara O’Connor (Educational Project Manager), Alison Mayson (Medical Programme Manager)

  • Sue Kistanna (General Manager, Te Kupenga Hauora Maori)
  • Karen Callon (Scientific Officer, Bone/Joint Research Group, Department of Medicine, FMHS)
  • Maria Vitas (Manager, South Auckland Clinical Campus, School of Medicine)
  • Karen Dorrian (International Development Manager), Johanna Beattie (Personal Assistant) and Yvonne Marren (International Student Assistant, FMHS Administration)

  • Chris Zhu (Programme Administrator, School of Population Health)
  • Nick Duggan (Manager, Medical Sciences Learning Centre - School of Medical Sciences) 
  • Val Grey (Graphic Designer - FMHS)
  • Kaylene Henderson (Anaesthetic Technician, Department of Anaesthesiology)
  • Stuart Glasson (School of Medical Sciences Manager)
  • Ricky Oliver (Administrator, Student Centre)

  • Lynley Pritchard (Academic Strategy and Planning Manager)
  • Kate Snow (Student Services Manager)
  • Shelly D’Silva (Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator, School of Medicine)
  • Jan Gardner (Programme Manager, School of Medicine)

  • Virginia Hand (Departmental Secretary, School of Medicine)
  • Karn Hinton (Senior Technician, School of Medical Sciences)
  • Jocelyn Bullock (Technical Officer, School of Medical Sciences)

  • Adina Gabriela Giurgiu (Senior Teaching Technician, Pharmacology)
  • Maylene Baker (Administrator, Te Kupenga Hauora Māori)
  • Anna Evans (Administrative Manager, School of Pharmacy)
  • Louise Moffatt, Helen Twohill and Nigel Brookes(NZ National Eye Bank Manager, Coordinator and Senior Technical Officer) 

  • Sally Parker (Research Manager) 

  • Kathryn Siow (Teaching Administrator, Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology)

  • Teresa Timo (Student Administrative Assistant, Medical Programme Directorate)

  • Philippa Ellwood (Research Manager, ISAAC Intl. Data Centre)

  • Elaine Marshall (Manager, ACSRC)

  • Christine Tait (Department of Anatomy with Radiology)

  • Stuart Glasson (Manager Biomedical Science)