Closing soon - Mini Grant Round (Nanostring reagents and technical time)

With our NanoString instrument set up and ready to go, we have several kits worth of PlexSet-12 reagents to give away, ASAP, for use on pilot projects or early adopters of our new technology here at FMHS.

You will be required to purchase your own primer sets (for up to 12 or 24 targets) but the assay reagents and running costs will be covered by Grafton Clinical Genomics (GCG).

Ideal sample numbers are 44 or 88 samples per gene set (you’ll have room for controls). With this kit it’s possible to run 12 genes per sample set. It is permissible to have 2 x 12 gene sets if that’s of value to your experiment. Please see the attached document for further information or contact us.

If these reagents are of interest please submit a 1 page proposal on your intended project to Priority will be given to projects that could lead to further grant funding or early publication of data. We will work with you to plan and carry out these projects, and we will ask you, at the completion of your project, to send us a brief report.