The Learning and Teaching Survey 2017


Powerfully Positive!

The Learning and Teaching Survey is an annual survey of a representative sample of University of Auckland students.

It is a powerful and positive tool that provides a platform for students to voice their opinion and also those teaching can learn more about what their students think and feel about the University and the programmes they are taking.  

Each year 10,000 students are sent the survey in September, and data is collected on the students’ overall experience of studying at this University – with an emphasis on the learning and teaching aspects but also attempting to understand social factors which may support students’ learning. 

This 2017 survey will be open from 18 September and closes 6 October.  

It is approved by the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee of the Education Committee and is run centrally by the Academic Quality Office. 

The survey results are reported in aggregate to faculties each year, and are strategically important as they assist faculties to set their yearly priorities and areas of focus in learning and teaching.

You can find more information about this survey here.