Funding Call - Cancer Society of New Zealand

The Cancer Society of New Zealand advises that they have added – Grant in Aid – applications to this funding round.  Please use the same application form as for Research Grant applications and the Cancer Society will decide if they will fund as a Grant in Aid or full research project on receipt of the submission.

The internal deadline for submission of applications is Friday 22 September 2017.  Research Grant applications require signatures from the HoS and applicant before the application is submitted into the Research Funding Module (RFM) – please upload as a word.doc with signature pages attached as a pdf.


Cancer Society Auckland

  • Grant Type
  •  2018 Research Project Grant
  • Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Grant in Aid


The Cancer Society of New Zealand is inviting applications from researchers wishing to apply for Project Grants and Grant in Aid for cancer research, starting from 1 July 2018

Applications are also invited from students wishing to undertake further training in cancer related research, leading to a Doctorate in Philosophy at a New Zealand university.

Grant Value

Research Project Grants & Grant-in-Aid: up to $200,000 per annum for a maximum of three years

Postgraduate Scholarship: 2 years with a possible extension to 3 of $20,000 stipend per year + $5,000 per annum for research expenses (incl university fees, travel, thesis publication)


Provided the application falls within the objects of the Cancer Society, grant applications will be considered from any appropriately qualified person.

Research Project Grants and Grant in Aid

  • A principal investigator may only submit one grant application in each round.
  • Principal investigators will be a resident in New Zealand or intend to become a resident.
  • A researcher who has submitted an application as principal investigator may also be named as an associate investigator in one additional application in the same round.

Postgraduate Scholarship

  • The scholarship is open to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand who are eligible for registration as a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at a New Zealand University.


More information on the funding available in this round is available here

Application Process

Download application form from The Cancer Society of New Zealand Website here

Research Office Deadline


Submission Process

Complete application form from the Cancer Society of New Zealand website and submit to the Research Office by FRIDAY 22 SEPTEMBER 2017

1.Create a record in the Research Funding Module (RFM) and submit for sign off by  


2. If a student is applying for a scholarship – the supervisor should apply on their behalf in RFM

3. Signatures from the applicant and Head of School (HoS) are required on the original Research Project Grant application – these are to be sourced by the applicant.  Host institution signature will be added by the Research Office

  • Only Faculty approved applications (thru RFM) can be submitted by the Research Office.
  • Applications received by the Research Office deadline will receive a Full Completeness Check. Completeness Checks cannot be guaranteed on any applications received after the Research Office deadline.
  • The Research Office will arrange hard copy submission of the applications