AMRF: Call for applications for the Douglas Goodfellow Repatriation Fellowship

The Auckland Medical Research Foundation is calling for applications for the following prestigious Repatriation Fellowship to bring an established researcher with an excellent track record back to NZ.  

The Douglas Goodfellow Repatriation Fellowship is a special award to assist an established researcher with an excellent track record in medical or health research to return to New Zealand to further their career at an institution in the Auckland/Northland area.

Fellows will be expected to carry out innovative research at the highest level. It is expected that recipients of this Fellowship will have a significant commitment to on-going research in New Zealand.

The Fellowship is tenable for a period of two years (but may be extended for a further year on application) at a university, hospital or other research institution in the Auckland/Northland region which is recognised by the Board. In special circumstances permission may be given to tenure outside these regions.

The level of remuneration including expenses will be determined by the Board on the advice of its Medical Committee in consultation with the host institution employer (e.g. University or District Health Board).

Provision will be made for:

a.     A salary level commensurate with the experience and ability of the applicant;

b.     Reasonable relocation expenses to Auckland;

c.     The salary of a research technician; and

d.     Working expenses.

To Apply:

Applications must be made through the AMRF portal at  Please refer to the Guide to applicants, accessible via the website at or via the application form within the AMRF portal to check your eligibility and ensure your application complies with all regulations.

Applications must be received by the AMRF on the portal by 5 pm, 9 August 2017.  Please note that your host institution may have an earlier closing date and the AMRF strongly encourages you to adhere to the internal deadline.  Please also ensure that you also fulfil any institutional requirements for submission.

Please call the AMRF on 923 1706 if you have any questions.