2018 Canada Gairdner International Awards - Call for Nominations

The Canada Gairdner Awards are now being called for nominations.

These prestigious awards recognize and reward outstanding biomedical scientists who have made breakthrough discoveries and original contributions to biomedicine. The goal of the Gairdner Foundation is to contribute through research to increased understanding of human biology and disease.

The Gairdner celebrates and inspires the scientific research process with winners spanning the world.

You are invited to nominate qualified scientists from any branch of biomedicine for the 2018 Canada Gairdner International Award.

All nominations are submitted through the Gairdner Nominations Portal, accessible via www.gairdner.org.

The individual serving as the primary nominator will create a nominator profile on the site, which allows them to submit a nomination. The deadline is October 1, 2017.

The award normally recognizes an original, seminal contribution or discovery rather than a lifetime's work and is valued at $100,000 CDN. Nominations in the fields of translational and clinical research are welcome.

For more information and to see past laureates please visit their website