GP to GP notes transfer the subject of winning essay

12 February 2014

The third Sysmex Award for Health Informatics was presented to Abigail Pearce at the HINZ (Health Informatics New Zealand) Conference in Rotorua last November, for her essay on the transfer of patient notes from one general practitioner to another using a smartphone application.

Abigail’s essay covered some of the challenges in transferring notes between GPs, and proposed an innovative idea for patients to manage the transfer of the files to the GP of their choice via a Smartphone application. Sysmex Marketing Manager Deborah Steele says that Abigail’s essay considered current national initiatives and proposed a patient-centric solution. “Abigail’s proposal addresses two topical issues in health IT, namely the simplification of the transferal of information between GPs and how to allow patients access to their personal health records. Her essay provided a thorough analysis of these issues and offered a potential solution.”

award presentation1

The Sysmex Award is presented each year to a student enrolled in the POPLHLTH 303 (Health Informatics) course at the School of Population Health. This year students entered the competition by submitting their course essay on the topic of how information technology can be used to mobilise the healthcare workforce. The winner was selected by a judging panel including the course director of POPHLTH 303 and Sysmex representatives, with the judges considering innovation, use of technology and feasibility.

As the award winner, Abigail received a cash prize and entry to the 2013 HINZ Conference. New Zealand Minister of Health, Hon Tony Ryall presented Abigail with her award at the HINZ gala dinner event.

The Sysmex Award for Health Informatics was established in 2011 by Sysmex New Zealand, with the purpose of encouraging excellence in health informatics education by helping to foster innovative thinking. "This is an innovative way to get student engagement in the topic of health informatics", says Health Informatics Senior Lecturer Dr Karen Day, "and helps ground them in the real world because they have to think about real problems to solve with their business case assignment."