Visiting expert on addiction impacts

11 July 2013

An expert on alcohol and drug policy will be speaking in Auckland next month at the launch of The University of Auckland’s new Centre for Addiction Research.

The recently established Centre for Addiction Research brings together researchers from across the  University who are exploring the effects of dangerous consumptions – such as tobacco, alcohol, other drugs and gambling – on individuals, their families, communities, and society.

The official opening of the Centre in early August is timed to coincide with the arrival of ASB Visiting Professor Thomas F. Babor from the University of Connecticut  School of Medicine.

Professor Babor is an internationally recognised expert in alcohol screening, brief interventions and treatment, and also sits on several WHO advisory panels related to alcohol policy and drug policy.

He has written extensively on these subjects and among the books he has written or edited are “Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity” (now in its second edition) and “Drug Policy and the Public Good”. He is also Associate Editor in Chief of the most prestigious academic journal in this field, Addiction .

While he is at the University of Auckland, Professor Babor will be delivering a number of seminars on alcohol screening and treatment, as well as alcohol and drug policy from a public health perspective.

He will be giving a public lecture on the impacts of alcohol marketing on binge-drinking among adolescents, and the role of the alcohol industry in creating a culture of heavy drinking.

He will also offer commentary on the potential efficacy of the new Psychoactive Substances Bill.  Professor Babor has spent many years summarizing the world scientific literature on the effectiveness of various drug control policies around the world, and can talk about the evidence available to support their effectiveness, or lack of effectiveness in many cases.

  • Official opening of the Centre for Addiction Research is 12 noon on August 9 th 2013 at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, 85 Park Road, Grafton.
  • Professor Babor’s public lecture is 5.30pm for 5.45pm start on 15 August at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, (85 Park Road) Building 505, lecture theatre 2.

For more information contact:

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