Risks of too much sitting

29 April 2013

Is too much sitting the next big heart disease risk factor, and is the obesity epidemic over ?

Those questions will be examined by a visiting expert on the epidemiology and public health aspects of inactivity and sitting time, at a talk in Auckland next week.

The University of Auckland and the New Zealand Heart Foundation present Professor Adrian Bauman, from the School of Public Health, at the University of Sydney.  He is Sesquicentenary Professor and Director of the School’s Prevention Research Collaboration.

On Tuesday 7 of May, 2pm to 3:30 pm in the School of Population Health at the Tamaki Campus (Building 730, Room 220) Professor Bauman will be talking about the epidemiology of sitting – is it the next big cardiometabolic risk factor; and is the obesity “epidemic” over? (And are the consequences worse for prevention than having an obesity epidemic?)

Refreshments will be provided from 3pm and people are encouraged to stay and take the opportunity to meet and chat with Professor Bauman.

Adrian is an epidemiologist, and public health physician in Australia, and is Director of the Prevention Research Collaboration, at Sydney University, a research group of 20 people with public health interests in obesity prevention, physical activity and public health nutrition.

He has research interests in prevention, with a focus on physical activity epidemiology, and interventions to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent chronic disease.

Professor Bauman has worked in physical activity policy, was a senior adviser to WHO on many occasions including the 2004 Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.  He has also chaired national and international physical activity committees and working groups, and been an adviser on national physical activity policy (including in NZ in the 1990s), and has taught physical activity and public health in all continents and for over 20 years.

Professor Bauman is well published in the peer reviewed literature on physical activity and inactivity research.  Recent interests include the epidemiology and public health aspects of inactivity and sitting time.