Lottery funding helps atrial mapping

19 April 2013

An exciting new atrial mapping study by a team from ABI and Auckland Hospital has had a recent boost from the Lottery’s Health Research fund.

The fund gave a grant of $45,000 towards the atrial mapping study led by Dr Jichao Zhao and Professor Bruce Smaill from ABI and Dr Nigel Lever, a cardiologist at Auckland Hospital.

This funding, together with another recent project grant of $107,426 from the Auckland Medical Research Foundation, will enable the team to hire a post-doctoral researcher for two years, to work on this project.

“We will develop and test an innovative atrial electrical mapping method which helps us better understand the mechanisms of atrial fibrillation in order to improve the successful rate of percutaneous catheter ablation,” says Dr Zhao.

Activation will be mapped simultaneously in both atrial chambers using open basket catheters, and innovative signal processing tools will be used to characterise spatio-temporal atrial activation patterns, he says.

“These data will then be referred to the 3D atrial surface reconstructed with computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance images (MRI) to locate the origin of the activity that drives persistent atrial fibrillation.”