ABI spin-out company merging with US company

30 November 2011

Telemetry Research Ltd, a hi-tech innovation company founded by three academics from The University of Auckland, is merging with a top US company.

Millar Instruments Inc. and Telemetry Research Ltd will merge this month creating a world class organisation to provide quality, innovative sensing and telemetry products to the research and clinical markets.

Telemetry Research a multi-disciplinary entity was co-founded by Dr David Budgett, Technology Development Leader with the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, Associate Professor Simon Malpas from the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, and Associate Professor Patrick Hu from the Faculty of Engineering.

Millar Instruments pressure sensing technology is acknowledged as the gold standard in pressure monitoring products and systems for life sciences research and clinical applications.

Telemetry Research has successfully developed a platform of technologies surrounding wireless physiological monitoring for research applications.

Telemetry Research will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Millar Instruments and will continue to operate under New Zealand registry. Operations will continue in New Zealand and the US with headquarters in Houston, TX.

The companies have collaborated for almost five years on life science applications for wireless monitoring of pressure, having developed and commercialised the world’s first system combining wireless power and high-fidelity pressure sensors.

During this development project the companies discovered shared values and a vision for the future. “Telemetry Research has always been focused on building a world-class platform technology company and the merger with Millar Instruments will allow the company to springboard into new markets and products,” says Dr Malpas, Telemetry Research’s CEO. The merger will bring together many long-standing relationships with employees, business partners, customers, distributors, collaborators and local communities. Both companies recognise the value of these relationships and are committed to identifying new opportunities for mutual growth and development, says Dr David Budgett, Telemetry Research’s Director of Research and Development.

“Telemetry Research has maintained close linkages with the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, where the company began, and will continue working to expand these opportunities,” says David.

Huntly Millar, CEO of Millar Instruments, said, “The merger will enable an aggressive increase in research and development efforts to provide products and solutions that meet or exceed the level of product quality and performance valued by its customers worldwide. It will provide the foundation for our vision to become a global leader providing innovative, high quality solutions for medical and life science applications.”