Construction update 17 June 2011

17 June 2011

Central Plant Building – Western Side

Central plant services are now operating. This metal cladding to the services tower is complete and the steel support structure and scaffolding is now being removed from site. We are working towards completing all the external civil work including asphalt to this area by the end of June 2011. The Fletcher administration offices and the Subcontractors Containers will remain on the Western side of the University until late 2012.

Boyle Building – Eastern Side

The Building envelope is complete and the services fit-out are well underway throughout the Building. Final finishes are being installed progressively through the new building. Work is also well underway with all the external works around the perimeter of the Boyle Building. Total completion of the Boyle Building is planned for the end of September 2011.

Redevlopment of the internal areas within the existing University Buildings

Work is continuing in three different areas within the existing Buildings as part of an ongoing redevelopment process and this will continue well into 2012, with the site containers / site offices in Park Avenue being part of this process. Redevelopment work is progressing in Buildings 502 Level 2, Level 6, and Building 503 Basement with completion of these areas planned for December this year.