Wallath Prizes recognise best Summer Scholarships at FMHS

13 May 2011

Every year Summer Scholarships provide outstanding opportunities for students to be introduced to research at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, and over the 2010-2011 summer break a huge 149 such scholarships were undertaken.

The best summer scholarships are recognised with the Wallath Prizes each year, these prizes named for Sidney Leslie Wallath, an important property developer in Auckland in the early to middle decades of the last century. In the 1940s Wallath as involved with several properties in Newton Road and Great South Road in Ellerslie as well as developments on Auckland University land in the vicinity of Alten Road. Between 1927 and 1966 he operated his own building/contracting business as S L Wallath Ltd and became a noted philanthropist, establishing the Wallath Trust which oversees the provision of these annual prizes at the faculty.


Wallath Prizewinners this year were:



1. Elly Sekikawa, Biomedical:

(Supervisor: Dr Emma Best, Dept of Molecular Medicine & Pathology) 
Title: Antibiotic susceptibility & serotype of nasopharyngeal streptococcus pneymoniae in South Auckland children. 
Sponsor: The School of Medicine Foundation


2. Claire Harris, Clinical:

(Supervisor: Malcolm Johnson, Psychological Medicine) 
Title: Sleep disturbance in complex regional pain disorders and other persistent pain conditions. 
Sponsor: The University of Auckland


3. Eleanor Woodward, Public Health:

(Supervisor: Helen Eyles, Clinical Trials Research Unit) 
Title: Identifying opportunities for the reformulation of NZ processed foods. 
Sponsor: The University of Auckland


1. Miriam Koome, Biomedical, Supervisors: Prof Laura Bennet & Dr Lindsea Booth, Physiology

2. Nicholas Pearson, Biomedical, Supervisor: Prof Alistair Gunn, Physiology





1. Ha Na Ahn Supervisor: Dr Dipika Patel et al, Opthalmology

2. Qiliang Liu Dr Nicola Dalbeth, Medicine

3. Lucy Lu A/P Nathan Consedine, Psych.Medicine cine

4. Ji Su Shin Dr Trecia Woulds, Psych Medicine

5. Murjam van den Boom Dr Ralph Pinnock, Paediatrics

Public Health:

1. Meryem Alabid Lynne Bye & A/P Janie Sheridan, Pharmacy

2. Catherine Askew Dr Boaz Shulruf et al, CMHSE,

3. Tara Clinick Dr Raina Elley & Prof Ngaire Kerse, General Practice

4. Olivia Marti Dr Katey Thom, Nursing