Call for the U21 Undergraduate Research Conference Student Applications: Share Your Inspiration

14 April 2011

Fudan University will host the U21 Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) from 13-18 July 2011. This year’s theme is “Share Your Inspiration”.

The 2011 URC will provide the opportunity for outstanding undergraduate or Honours students from U21 member universities to showcase their research to an international audience of fellow students. While in China, all participants will also have opportunities to visit traditional Chinese towns near Shanghai and a selection of downtown scenic spots.

The University of Auckland will select up to three third year or above undergraduate students (honours students included) with an active interest in research to be its representative at this event. Of these three students one student is nominated to give an oral presentation, one to submit a poster presentation, and the third one may be nominated to either category. For students interested in applying, please complete the U21 Undergraduate Research Conference Student Application Form and submit it to the International Relations Office at Room G60 Old Choral Hall, 7 Symonds Street,

no later than 5pm on Monday, 2 May 2011.

Terms and Conditions:

Eligible students are those who are normally third year students or honours students.

The University of Auckland will cover the cost of economy airfares for the selected student(s), organised through the International Relations section of the International Office.

No registration fee for the Research Conference. However, all participants are expected to pay for their accommodation, food and transportation costs in leisure time. On-campus guesthouse accommodation costs 120-170 Yuan (approx NZD 24-34) per day each person. The average cost of a meal is 50 Yuan (approx NZD 10). Day-pass metro ticket will be prepared by the host institution for all the participants. A typical metro tickets cost 3-6 Yuan (approx NZD 0.60-1.20) for a single journey. All bus fares are 2 Yuan (approx NZD 0.4) for a single journey.

Students should enclose a brief statement of endorsement from their Head of Department when submitting their application.

A copy of the student’s academic transcript should also be enclosed when submitting this form.

Forms must be completed and submitted to the International Relations Office by

5pm on Monday, 2 May.

Email scanned application is acceptable.

To be considered for nomination by The University of Auckland, download and complete the application form at the following University of Auckland website link:

2011 Undergraduate Research Conference

For general enquiries, please contact

Mr O’neal M. Mendoza,

International Relations Officer, International Office: