Construction update Saturday 19 March to Friday 25 March 2011

18 March 2011

Central Plant Building – Western Side

Central plant services commissioning is ongoing.

The southern services tower plywood cladding is 90% complete. This services tower will be finished in metal cladding and this will commence over the next few weeks. The civil site works to the western side of Building 504 is 80% complete. All the current work in this area should be complete by the end of April 2011.

Boyle Building – Eastern Side

The Building envelope is virtually complete and the services fit-out are well underway throughout the Building. With the Tower Crane coming down on Saturday the 19th March the Bus Lane on the Park Road side of the site, opposite the Domain Gates, will be blocked off to allow us to load out the Tower Crane Sections. Large Mobile Cranes will be operating on site removing the Tower Crane Sections. Work will soon commence on establishing the new ground levels around the Boyle Building.

Redevelopment of the internal areas within the existing University Buildings

Work is continuing in six different areas within the existing Buildings as part of an ongoing redevelopment process and this will continue for years to come with the site containers / site offices in Park Avenue being part of this process. We will have four areas in two different buildings nearing completion and other areas presently going through a demolition phase.