Parameters of and the path towards non-medical cannabis legalisation in Canada from a policy-making perspective Event as iCalendar

01 March 2019

11am - 1pm

Venue: AMRF Lecture Theatre - 505-011, Grafton Campus

Location: 85 Park Road Grafton

Host: Professor Benedikt Fischer

Eric Costen EDM 3_107

About the speaker

Mr Eric Costen is Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Controlled Substances and Cannabis Branch, Health Canada. In recent years, he has overseen and coordinated key elements of federal law, regulation and policy development for both medical and non-medical cannabis control – and most recently non-medical cannabis legalisation as implemented in late 2018 – in Canada. Prior, he served as the Director of First Nations and Inuit mental health and substance use programs and policies. Mr Costen has a keen interest in active science-and-policy dialogue and exchange.

This lecture will be hosted and discussed by Professor Benedikt Fischer, Hugh Green Chair in Addiction Research, School of Population Health and School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland.


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