What's really inside your medicine cabinet? Event as iCalendar

20 March 2018

6 - 7pm

Venue: Auckland Museum Auditorium

Location: The Domain, Parnell

Cost: Free (registrations essential)

Website: Register here

Professor Dame Carol Robinson
Professor Dame Carol Robinson

Ever wondered how we go from the chemicals in a laboratory to the medicines in your home? Are these drugs discovered by accident or does research inform intelligent design?

From the earliest medicines, which consisted simply of exploiting the chemical elements—sulphur for wounds, lithium for bipolar disorders and magnesium for digestion—today’s pharmaceuticals involve carefully disguising active ingredients, as well as a greater understanding of routes into living cells.

With examples from her leading-edge research group, Professor Dame Carol Robinson will illustrate the novel approaches being developed to try to win the battle against disease-inducing pathogens, but also to understand the problems of addiction in the treatment of pain.

FREE Public Admission but please note you must register. More details and link to booking your seat here.