Unconscious bias and implicit association - FMHS Wellness Event as iCalendar

20 June 2018

12 - 1pm

Venue: Liggins seminar room 505-003

Location: FMHS 85 Park Road Grafton

Host: FMHS Wellness Champions

FMHS Wellness Champions Present:

'Unconscious bias and implicit association' by Cathie Walsh, Equity Office.

**This talk is open to FMHS staff as part of the Wellness initiative**

International research has detailed pervasive evidence of unconscious bias in employment, education, health, justice and many other areas of life. They occur without our awareness and may often be incompatible with our conscious values and considered actions.

Cathie Walsh is the University’s Staff Equity Manager. She has a background in psychology and has worked for many years in education, health and law, primarily in the areas of equity and social justice.

The Equity Office will present a brief workshop which will:

-Demonstrate how unconscious bias and implicit associations occur
-Discuss some of the evidence, impact and consequences
-Explore strategies to assist overcoming bias particularly in decision making

Open to FMHS staff.

When: Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 12-1pm

Where: Liggins seminar room 505-003