Circadian and Circannual regulation in the horse by Dr Barbara Murphy Event as iCalendar

21 June 2018

5 - 6pm

Venue: Room 503-028, Building 503, Grafton Campus

Location: 85 Park Road, Grafton

Host: Dr James Cheeseman

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Join us for this informative lecture by Dr Barbara Murphy.

In her talk Dr Barbara Murphy will present her research on the chronobiology of the horse including the effects of jet lag, entrainment by exercise, manipulation of lighting for circannual regulation of reproduction, pelage and body composition.

Dr Murphy is Head of Subject for Equine Science at University College Dublin where she runs the Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree in Animal Science-Equine.

Prior to her PhD in Veterinary Science from the prestigious Gluck Equine Research Center at the University of Kentucky, she completed a BSc in Equine Science at the University of Limerick in Ireland and also spent time within the Thoroughbred industry, having worked for both Coolmore and Godolphin.

Barbara is also Chief Scientific Officer for the Irish company Equilume Ltd, which was a spin-out from her research that gave rise to an important equine breeding innovation, the Equilume Light Mask, commonly used by horse breeders in New Zealand.

An expert in the field of equine chronobiology, she is regularly invited to speak at international veterinary conferences and contribute to equine publications in relation to circadian rhythms and the influence of light on equine reproduction and performance.

Barbara’s research centres around understanding the environmental cues that drive daily and circannual rhythms in the horse.

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