Developers on FHIR Challenge - Webinar Event as iCalendar

13 February 2018

12 - 1pm

Venue: Online webinar


Calling students and researchers!

If you are studying application architecture, usability design, software development or healthcare, and you’re interested in digital healthcare, there is an upcoming event we’d actively encourage you to participate in. It’s the ‘Developers on FHIR’ challenge happening right now! The focus of the challenge is to develop an app that will help patients, physicians, health systems and the Government to better manage reporting and tracking of adverse events.

Teams are actively forming, so it’s a great time to get going and join a team. By participating you will get practical experience in developing a health-focussed app using FHIR, the latest standard for data interoperability. Our next webinar is on 13 February, 12.00 – 1.00 pm (see attachments for details). We will finish off the Challenge at an in-person event on 17 March 2018 at the School of Population Health at Tāmaki campus.

The Challenge is a collaboration between HL7 New Zealand (a standards and interoperability organisation) and the University of Auckland, and is supported by Microsoft.

As an added incentive to participate, prizes will be awarded to the top three submissions to be judged by a panel of leaders in the health sector.

Register now to participate in the Challenge and find or create a team.

For more information and to see what support, resources and information are available to help you work in one of the teams, check out the website.

Participant briefing
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