Health Psychology Seminars - October Event as iCalendar

03 October 2017 - 24 October 2017

Contact info: Dr Anna Serlachiu

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Our Department of Psychological Medicine is hosting a series of talks during October. Join us to hear these informative and valuable presentations that you can apply to your own learning or life.


The October schedule is:


Tuesday 3 October, 12:00-1:00pm, Auckland Clinical School, 12.058

'The impact of fatigue on cognitive functioning' - Dr Ralf Schnabel, Psychological Medicine, the University of Auckland.

Fatigue is a key symptom of a number of cerebral and mental health conditions, affecting clients' ability to return to pre-­‐morbid life-­‐roles and function.

Whilst the role of fatigue is acknowledged in clinical and rehabilitation settings, there are insufficient objective measures how much an individual client is incapacitated by their fatigue. We developed an innovative neuro-­‐cognitive test procedure and examined the effect of fatigue on different client groups (brain injury, depression control), documenting surprising effects for.


Tuesday 10 October, 12:00-1:00pm, Auckland Medical School, 505-007 (room change now 505 007)

'From ants, Syrian refugees, Buddhist monks and doctors: studying kindness and compassion'

Dr Antonio Fernando, Psychological Medicine, the University of Auckland.

Tony is a psychiatrist, sleep specialist and a senior lecturer in Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland.

Doctors and health workers are supposed to be compassionate. In reality, many of us are burnt out and compassion-challenged. This session discusses what compassion is, an alternative model to compassion, what prevents doctors from being compassionate and possible interventions to enhance compassion. Along the way, ants, “jedi” monks, annoying patients and Syrian refugees make cameo appearances to keep you awake…


Tuesday 17 October, 12:00-1:00pm, Auckland Clinical School, 12.058

'Chronic pain as an overactive threat response: A hypothesis'

Dr Debbie Bean, Psychological Medicine, the University of Auckland.

'Fighting the flinch: Does compassion help health professionals work with nasty symptoms?'

Dr Lisa Reynolds, Psychological Medicine, the University of Auckland.


Tuesday 24 October, 12:00-1:00pm, Auckland Clinical School, 12.058

'Migraine and Tension-type headache: Results from 40 years of the Dunedin Study'

Associate Professor Karen Waldie, School of Psychology, the University of Auckland.

In this talk, Professor Karen Waldie will cover some of the findings relating to physical and psychological predictors of migraine and tension-type headache over the lifespan and present some new cardiovascular findings from the most recent phase of data collection. The pervasive impairment reported across multiple life domains among young headache sufferers illustrates the significant burden of illness associated with headache disorders. This talk will explore important findings to date as well as opportunities for the future.

Open to staff, students and hospital staff.

Please contact Dr Anna Serlachius for more information.