Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) Presentations - October 27th Event as iCalendar

27 October 2017

11am - 4pm

Venue: Room 501-505

Location: Grafton Campus

The Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) students are doing an oral presentation of their research on Friday October 27 from 11am in 501-505 (Grafton Campus).

The presentations are targeted at a broad audience rather than experts in the respective fields. They will be judged and a prize will be awarded to the best presentation at about 3:20pm.

The students, their titles, supervisors and approximate times are:

  • 11.05am - Brian Yeom "Quantification and optimisation of intranasal fluticasone deposition"
    Supervisors: Assoc. Prof Richard Douglas, Dr James Johnston and Dr Haribalan Kumar
  • 11.15am - Cameron Wells "Acute colonic dysmotility in surgical disease"
    Supervisors: Prof Ian Bissett and Assoc. Prof Greg O’Grady
  • 11.25am - Henry Wallace "Consistency of corneal curvatures: the influence of accommodation and biomechanics
    Supervisors: Dr Stuti Misra, Dr James McKelvie, Prof Charles McGhee and Prof Colin Green
  • 11.35am - Jonathan (Jing-Wen) Sheu "Developing and evaluating a prototype user interface for adolescent health interventions to be integrated into a youth health survey"
    Supervisors: Dr Roshini Peiris-John, Prof Jim Warren and Dr Theresa Fleming
  • 11.45am - Micah Rapata "Gene Editing in Zebrafish for functional characterisation of a PDE6B founder mutation causing autosomal recessive rod-cone retinal dystrophy in Māori"
    Supervisors: Dr Andrea Vincent
  • 11.55am - Rajan Ramji "Morphological evolution in melanoma in situ - a dermoscopic perspective"
    Supervisors: Assoc. Prof Amanda Oakley and Assoc. Prof Marius Rademaker
  • 12.05pm - Joevy Lim “The tear film and ocular surface changes with age – a population study in New Zealand”
    Supervisors: Assoc. Prof Jennifer Craig
  • 12.15pm - Sunny (Sixiao) Li "Cornea wound healing and changes after cataract surgery"
    Supervisors: Dr James McKelvie, Dr Stuti Misra and Prof Charles McGhee
  • 12.25pm - Ji Soo Kim "Predicting meibomian gland dysfunction in the paediatric eyes"
    Supervisors: Assoc. Prof Jennifer Craig
  • 12.35 – 1.10pm – Lunch
  • 1.15pm - Helen Ker "Epigenetics and changing understandings of heredity"
    Supervisors: Dr Tatjana Buklijas
  • 1.25pm - Apurva Kasture “Business Impact Assessment - Obesity and Population Level Nutrition: An investigation into the commitments of the New Zealand food industry to improve population nutrition”
    Supervisors: Dr Stefanie Vandevijvere and Professor Boyd Swinburn
  • 1.35pm - Reece Joseph "Proteomic analysis of conditioned media from intervertebral disc cell sub-populations"
    Supervisors: Dr Sue McGlashan
  • 1.45pm - Ji Hoon (Vincent) Jeong "Clarifying the role of pedobarography in quantitative assessment of foot and ankle deformities in children with cerebral palsy and other paediatric neuromuscular disorders"
    Supervisors: Prof Susan Stott and Professor Peter McNair
  • 1.55pm - Aimee Humphries "The effect of position on maternal collateral venous circulation in late pregnancy"
    Supervisors: Dr Ali Mirjalili and Prof Peter Stone
  • 2.05pm - Kevin Howe "Sub-Cellular structural and molecular changes in experimental heart failure"
    Supervisors: Assoc. Prof Denis Loiselle, Dr David Crossman and Dr June-Chiew Han
  • 2.15pm - Gamage Gunaratna "Tight junctions and bacteria in chronic rhinosinusitis"
    Supervisors: Assoc. Prof Richard Douglas, Sharon Waldvogel-Thurlow and Dr James Johnston
  • 2.25pm - Gina Donk "Mapping patterns of weight gain during the obesity epidemic and modelling a no age-related weight gain scenario"
    Supervisors: Prof Boyd Swinburn and Prof Alistair Woodward
  • 2.35pm - Joshua (Wen-Han) Chang "The carotid bodies: guardians of cerebral perfusion in health and hypertension"
    Supervisors: Dr Rohit Ramchandra
  • 2.45pm - Harry Alexander "Outcome measures in general surgery"
    Supervisors: Prof Alan Merry, Mr Adam Bartlett and Dr Jacqueline Hannam
  • 3:00pm Afternoon Tea followed by Prize for Best Presentation


Open to FMHS staff and students.