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29 March 2017

12 - 1pm

Venue: Building 503, Room 503-024, Grafton Campus

Location: 85 Park Road, Grafton

Host: FMHS Teaching & Learning Community (TLC)

Contact info: Lynne Petersen

Contact email:

The FMHS Teaching & Learning Community (TLC) aims to foster a community of learning, where interested staff members can come together on a regular basis to share their professional learning, support one another in teaching initiatives and contribute towards the positive culture of learning and teaching within the FMHS community.

We welcome our invited guest, Professor Graeme Aitken, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Social Work in the University of Auckland to lead this highly relevant discussion. 

Dean Aitken will share current developments that he has been involved with through his U21 Education Innovation Steering Group work.  This collaboration amongst U21 university leaders has been focused on developing an internationally recognised Conceptual Framework for Teaching. This Framework aims to offer higher education institutions support in developing and applying a “… better range of indicators, metrics and standards for reviewing and recognising teaching in research intensive universities”. (U21 Discover, Issue 35, April 2016, p. 6)

There will also be a chance to contribute your thinking to this ongoing development.

About the FMHS TLC and upcoming events

The TLC meets on average twice a month; the meetings are generally held on Wednesdays around lunch time in Grafton campus for the first few months of 2017. Topics of discussion will be determined by members and designed specifically to meet members’ needs.

Below is the list of TLC meetings from February – June 2017 for your planning.






29 Mar




Guest Workshop - Professor Graeme Aitken presents the latest on U21 Project work: Conceptual Framework for Teaching


12 Apr




Small group discussions around the topic of the new UOA Graduate Profile and implications for Programmatic graduate outcomes


26 Apr

Any time

Electronic – via email

Get inspired over easter with emailed ideas for professional reading about teaching and learning


10 May




The BJM (Book, Journal, Media file) Book Club Chat – small group discussions around emailed readings over Easter


24 May




Practical hands-on session – Anuj Bhargava guies us in a discussion around the application of the Biggs’ Study Process Questionnaire to our class teaching

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If you have not yet been given access to the FMHS TLC site with the shared resources, current and past event schedules/minutes and links to helpful resources to assist you in your teaching just email Lynne Petersen with your name and email address and you will be added to the Canvas FMHS Teaching & Learning Community resource site found at:

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TLC Leadership Group 2017

The TLC 2017 will be facilitated using a distributed leadership model with the following leaders for the months indicated below.


February-June 2017:

Anuj Bhargava, Louise Carrucan-Wood, Michelle Honey, Lynne Petersen



Shelley Park, Beau Pontré, Raj Shekhawat, Angela Tsai, Adrienne Young



Heather Gunn, Catherine Lyman, Rhonda-Joy Sweeney



Rachael Cameron, Lesley Schwarcz