Professor Lai-Ming Ching's inaugural lecture -'Creative cancer cures….and more!' Event as iCalendar

20 July 2017

5:30 - 7pm

Venue: Venue change: AMRF Lecture Theatre 505-011, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Location: 85 Park Road, Grafton Campus

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Lai-ming ching

Our annual inaugural lecture series provide a way for our faculty to celebrate and recognise the mark of distinction conferred by the University when it awards the title of professor.

Join us to celebrate the inaugural lecture of Professor Lai-Ming Ching.


'Creative cancer cures….and more!'

Within every patient’s tumour, we find large numbers of normal, non-cancerous cells of the immune system. More often than not, instead of attacking the cancer, the immune cells have been redeployed in the tumour to perform functions that enable the cancer to grow bigger and faster.

Professor Ching's research is focussed on understanding how cancer cells redeploy the immune cells in the tumour; and to devise ways of blocking those interactions to re-store a vigorous immune response against the cancer.

Re-storing the natural anti-cancer immunity of patients, Professor Ching believes, is vital for providing a more comprehensive treatment that will yield longer, more durable regression of their cancer in a greater number of patients.

In this lecture Professor Ching will describe some of the cheers and some the tears in her journey towards finding more comprehensive, innovative cures for cancer. 



Professor Lai-Ming Ching is a graduate of the University of Auckland. Her PhD in Immunology was supervised by Professor John Marbrook, and led to post-doctoral studies at Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto in the laboratory of Professor Richard G Miller, followed by a staff position at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Upon her return to New Zealand, Professor Ching joined the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre, where she now leads a team researching new drugs that help the body’s immune system fight cancer.

Professor Ching is passionate about understanding the interactions between the immune system and cancer, as she believes that that will lead to the development of immunotherapies capable of providing patients with a long-term protection against the disease.

Highlights from Professor Ching's sustained research in this area include the selection and entry of an immune-modulator, DMXAA (Vadimezan) into human clinical trials; and the recent partnering by an International Biopharmaceutical company, to take novel IDO1-inhibitors invented by Professor Ching and her team for overcoming immune suppression, into clinical development for cancer and other diseases.


Invite open to FMHS staff and students

Date: Thursday 20 July, 5.30-7pm

Venue: (New venue) AMRF Lecture Theatre 505-011, Grafton Campus


Prior to the inaugural lecture, we will gather in the atrium for a cocktail function as a further recognition of Professor Ching's achievements.

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