Special Seminar - International Guest Speaker: Dr David Ross Event as iCalendar


14 February 2017

11am - 12pm

Venue: Seminar Room 502-B41

Location: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, 85 Park Road, Grafton Campus

Host: Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre

Cost: Free

Contact info: Petr Tomek

Contact email: p.tomek@auckland.ac.nz

Image of Dr David Ross
Dr David Ross

Special Seminar: Quinone reductases in Toxicology and Cancer Therapy

Join us for this highly interesting and informative seminar presented by Dr David Ross from the University of Colorado, USA.

Introducing David Ross PhD.

My research background is in mechanistic toxicology and drug discovery. Major themes of my research have included the mechanisms of toxicity of quinones, the biochemistry and genetics of quinone reductases (NQO1and 2) and the mechanisms of action of quinoid anticancer agents.

A number of projects have evolved from this work including investigations of mechanisms underlying benzene toxicity and the important role of polymorphisms in NQO1, development of mechanism based inhibitors with selectivity for either NQO1 or NQO2 and the potential role of quinone reductases in metabolism of anticancer agents such as the benzoquinone ansamycin class of Hsp90 inhibitors.

My research group has been involved in the development of anticancer agents from basic research finding to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics studies to clinical trials.

I have trained over 30 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows and currently teach and direct courses in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology and drug discovery at the PhD level.

Invitation open to the University of Auckland staff and students.

If you would like to meet David, please contact Bill Wilson 
For further information about this seminar, please contact Petr Tomek