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11 August 2015

5:30 - 7pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 505-007

Location: 85 Park road, Grafton, Building 505

Host: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

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Promotion to professor at the University of Auckland is a mark of distinction, recognising professional and academic eminence at an international level.  

Please join us in celebrating Professor Andrew Shelling's achievement at his Inaugural Lecture.


Professor Andrew Shelling
Professor Andrew Shelling

A genetic diagnosis of Professor

The patient, Andrew Shelling, first presented with severe symptoms in mid-2015, and a diagnosis of Professor was finally made in December 2015. He appears to have a non-classical presentation of the condition, and this is likely to be a sporadic case, as there is no family history. There are no early signs of abnormality, and his childhood and teenage years are unremarkable. In his records are indications of an overactive interest in sporting activities with a slightly obsessive competitive streak. While that may be an unrelated condition, there may be overlapping features of these disorders, rather than being a differential diagnosis. He doesn’t appear to have a spectrum disorder, as is often a feature of this condition, but some eccentricities are starting to show.

While suggested treatment options vary, we notice that since becoming Associate Dean (Research) he seems to be too busy to manifest any of the more typical behavioural symptoms. He has recently developed an allergy to the excessive administrative tasks and meetings required for his position, but medication appears to be easing this problem. In summary, this is a slightly unusual presentation of Professor, he hasn’t developed a typical pattern of disease, but we expect that given time, he will be as affected as the rest of them.

His presentation tonight will highlight part the development of his condition, from his rural origins in Sunny Nelson, to a Bachelor of Physical Education, BSc(Hons) and PhD in Otago, to Post-Doctoral studies in Oxford, UK, and to the recent years in Auckland/rural South Kaipara Head.


5.30pm: Refreshments

6pm: Inaugural Lecture

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