Professor Chris Bullen Inaugural Lecture: Bugs, bedrooms and smoke: my career in public health research Event as iCalendar


06 August 2015

5:30 - 7pm

Venue: 5.30pm Refreshments - Function Room 730-220, 6pm Inaugural Lecture - Lecture Theatre 732-201

Location: 261 Morrin Road, St Johns, Auckland, building 730

Host: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

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Promotion to professor at the University of Auckland is a mark of distinction, recognising professional and academic eminence at an international level.  

Please join us in celebrating Professor Chris Bullen's achievement at his Inaugural Lecture.


Professor Chris Bullen
Professor Chris Bullen

Bugs, bedrooms and smoke: my career in public health research

A public health perspective provides a framework for understanding the leading causes and distribution of ill health in the world, including conditions as diverse as malaria, tuberculosis and tobacco smoking. In so doing, it identifies points of intervention for improving health and reducing inequity.

In this lecture I will outline my journey from clinical medicine to public health practice and research in two very different settings: New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Along the way I will highlight the importance of multidisciplinary team work and rigorous research methods in creating robust evidence to inform the public, healthcare funders and providers, and policy makers about ‘best buys’ in health improvement.

Professor Chris Bullen is Director of the National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI), a multidisciplinary research group with the ambitious brief of discovering innovative solutions to the world’s leading health problems. NIHI has undertaken ground-breaking research on a wide range of health problems, with technology playing a growing role in this research and its translation into practice and policy.

Chris’s current research interest is tobacco control, in particular undertaking clinical trials of novel smoking cessation interventions. He also co-directs the New Zealand Tobacco Control Research Tūranga, a Programme of strategic tobacco control research that has to date supported over 30 research projects investigating ways to help more New Zealanders stop smoking.


5.30pm: Refreshments - Function Room 730-220

  6pm: Inaugural Lecture - Lecture Theatre 732-201

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