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03 April 2014

10 - 11:30am

Venue: Clinical Education Centre, Level 5, Auckland City Hospital

Where do you start? Clinical trial advice and support at the University

Presented by Dr Natalie Walker

Her primary areas of interest are the design and conduct of phase III clinical trials, risk factors for heart disease  (in particular smoking and alcohol) and the use of new    technology in disease prevention and treatment.

Natalie will be discuss the type of research undertaken at NIHI and the services they can offer researchers at the University in terms of clinical trial design, conduct and analysis and seeking funding for such research.

From basic science to a clinical trial: the BRAVO (binocular treatment of amblyopia with videogames) trial

The BRAVO study, a multisite, international, randomized clinical trial of a new videogame-based treatment for   amblyopia (“lazy eye”). This is Ben’s first clinical trial and he worked closely with the team at NIHI to design, fund and launch the study. Ben will describe his experience in translating basic science findings into a clinical trial using the support available within the University of Auckland.

Presented by Associate Professor Ben Thompson

For more information please contact: Andrea Lee Email: andrea.lee@auckland.ac.nz