Visiting professor seminar: Responding to problems with professionalism: Balancing justice against with patient safety and public interest in health care education Event as iCalendar

20 February 2014

5 - 6pm

Venue: Seminar Room 503-020, Building 503, 85 Park Road, Grafton

Professor Roger Worthington will be discussing potentially competing interests that arise in the process of adjudicating alleged cases of unprofessionalism. Panels and committees have to be fair to the student or trainee under investigation, but they also have to be fair to other students and health professionals.

This generally means balancing public interest (to have an adequate supply of trained health professionals) with the demands of justice, whilst having in mind the overriding need to protect the patient and ensure safe practice. This task is never easy, especially in complex cases, and the talk will be illustrated with cases based on real life, taken from his recent book on practical professionalism.

Professor of Medicine at Yale University , USA (Dept. of General Internal Medicine), Associate (Hon) Professor of Medical Ethics and Law, at Bond University , Australia, and former lead on health care ethics and law at Keele University, England (School of Medicine). Based in London, he now works independently as a medical educator and as a consultant advisor at the Ministry of Health, New Zealand (Workforce Development). Roger has an MA from Keele and a PhD in philosophy from the State University of New York (Buffalo). He has been researching how professionalism is taught in different cultural settings, and his last book, on practical professionalism, includes case studies from around the world.

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