PharmaTell seminar: Using time-resolved synchrotron scattering approaches in research on drug delivery systems Event as iCalendar

10 December 2013

12:30 - 1:30pm

Venue: Room 505-364, Building 505, 85 Park Road, Grafton

The advent and increased availability of advanced time resolved synchrotron X-ray techniques has enabled structural aspects of pharmaceutical systems to be followed in greater detail. We have been using such techniques in two main ways in drug delivery research, firstly investigating mechanisms to render lipid systems stimuli responsive to temperature, light, magnetic fields and enzymatic processing. Resolving structure at minutes to seconds (even milliseconds) timescales is achievable, and is used to guide design of lipid systems that can undergo phase transformations under specific stimuli to control drug diffusion and release.

The second application is in the study of solution-mediated polymorphic transformations in solid pharmaceutical systems. Transformation of amorphous solid state forms to less soluble crystalline forms on exposure to physiological liquids on physiological timescales is not desirable, but following such changes in situ has not been previously readily accomplished, but here is shown to be feasible using time-resolved scattering approaches with a biorelevant format.

Presented by: Ben Boyd

Ben Boyd is a colloid and physical chemist with PhD from the University of Melbourne. After industry experience in the explosives and pharmaceutical industries, he commenced an academic position at Monash University, in what was then the Victorian College of Pharmacy, now Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) and is currently Group Coordinator for Drug Delivery Sciences at MIPS. He leads a research group focused on colloidal and structural aspects of lipids, lipid self-assembly and pharmaceutical systems, focused on controlling materials at the colloidal scale for delivery in pharma and other fields. His group is also active in developing new synchrotron-based characterization approaches for lipid and solid state systems.

He is current President of the Australian Chapter of the Controlled Release Society, Chair of CRS Board of Scientific Advisors, and is Secretary of the Colloid and Surface Science Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Society. He is also a member of the steering committee for the Nanotechnology focus group of AAPS. He serves on the editorial boards of several journals including Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. He was the recipient of the Gattefossé-sponsored AAPS 2011 Lipid-based Drug Delivery Award Outstanding Research Award, and is currently on an Australian Research Council-funded Future Fellowship for the discovery and development of light activated drug delivery systems.

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